Some Thoughts About Perception….

I have been thinking about perceptions and how to simply demonstrate and discuss the concepts with clients and friends.  Bruce Lipton, MD, does an excellent job of discussing the biology of thought in his book, The Biology of Belief.  In his book he describes all his research and others to prove how powerful our thoughts are in our everyday life and why.

One way to play with the concept is to imagine that you have come into the world with one particular set of glasses that have been formed mainly during your childhood years, particularly from conception to age 7 or 8.  Everything that you experience or see is perceived through these same set of lenses~EVERYTHING!!

Have you ever wondered why similar events or situations continue to recur at times?  Or why you continue to draw the same sort of friends or partners into your life?  Or why it is so difficult to understand why someone said or did something that really triggered you or upset you?

Our lenses from childhood tend to be very black and white, good and bad, right and wrong….what if there were other possibilities?  What if you can consciously choose again?  That in and of itself could create huge life changes and much more peace and joy on a daily basis.

My suggestion is for starters, that you imagine that you can remove your original childhood glasses of perception…..and notice before you an entire array of other glasses you could put on…..for instance, the wide angle lenses where you can see that anything and everything is perfect and possible!  Next you might try on the fun and playful glasses to see what that is like….or maybe the adventure and exploration glasses…..or any other glasses that you see in front of you…..and maybe you might want to just not wear any at all and discover the peace, calm and quiet that may be there…….and for a contrast you might try the doom and gloom or grief and sadness glasses on…..

The main idea is to understand that you actually do have a choice about how you think and what you perceive every moment of every day!  The way to move toward this understanding is to become conscious about your thoughts….notice where they tend to go and when you can, choose again.

Life has the potential to be whatever it is you dream and imagine it to be!!!  Make the most of it and have as much fun and joy and peace as possible!!

Love, Light and Peace, Cindy

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