Looking Forward…….

Another year has come and gone. I’m amazed how quickly they fly by. The older I get the more rapidly they seem to come and go. (I know, everyone says that right?)
And I see more and more individuals who realize that if they are going to make changes, they’ve got to do it now.
One portion of people with this clarity are the ones who realize that they have most likely already lived more than half their lives. Another group are at the early part of their lives witnessing the dissatisfaction of others including their parents and grandparents. Then there are those who simply know they can’t put it off any longer.
All are choosing with an inner knowing, yearning and longing that they want it now. They won’t wait any longer.
The urgency being felt and experienced by everyone is real. The world is changing every day. Even though we are relatively safe living in parts of North America, there are so many places around that world that are not safe. For many reasons.
The time is now. For each one of us.
What more do you want in your life that will bring you deep contentment, peace and relaxation?
How do you want to be in relationship with those you love? What kind of relationship do you want to have with yourself? Is there anyone that still causes you to feel hurt, anger, or resentment?
How do you want to feel in your physical body? What shifts do you need to make for that to happen?
Do you love your work? And your play? Are you doing things in your life that bring laughter, joy and deep satisfaction?
Can you feel your inner power? Are you able to access it at will to say and be all of who you really are? Do you have access to your own internal fierceness and strength to be the change you want in the world?
I want to create opportunities and space in which to support you in finding the answers to these questions and in doing something about it.
Using the framework of Heart IQ taught by Christian Pankhurst we can do this together. Combined with all the other skills I’ve accumulated over the years, and your willingness and desire to have more, we’ve got this. Let’s come together to make 2015 the best and most expansive year yet.
Below are the next two events I’m hosting that will support you in creating the life you deserve.
Thank you for you willingness to be and to have more in life. I hope to see you soon.
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