Why Relationships are so Good at Triggering Your S***

You know what I mean.

Why is it that every time you find yourself in any relationship, new or old, family or friend, partner or children, eventually something inside you gets triggered? You get poked in incredibly tender places and react.

Often it can cause you to shut down. Or you knee jerk react by attacking or walking away.

Everything that happens in relationships will do one of two things. It will either open you or close you.

Things that get said or not, acted on or not, ignored or not, will always open or close your heart. You will feel closer to the other person or disconnected from them.

In my personal experience, closing is easy. It’s automatic. Fast.

In fact, it is often so fast and automatic that over time you may even forget that there is another option.

The big questions for many of us may be: “How do I open my heart again?” or “How can I keep my heart open more of the time?”

Opening your heart is a journey.

Learning to truly open your heart to love again can be one of the most powerful, risky, daring, frightening and exciting things you might chose to do in your life.

Opening requires a fierceness. You need to want to open. Because some part of you knows that it is what you long for.

And it requires other people. Yep, that’s right. Truly opening your heart to love is a solo journey only at certain points. And the really deep and profound juicy parts of opening are only available in the presence of others.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a partner or lover for this to happen though that can often take you even deeper.

What it means is you need to allow others to feel and see you. And you need to feel and see them. Experimenting and watching what closes your heart so you can explore what it takes for your heart to open again in a safe container of loving individuals.

This is exactly what we do in Living Love Fiercely Heart Intelligence Days.

Every month we meet together to explore what it means to open our hearts to ourselves and to each other in a safe supported place so that we can:

Heal our past
Expand our emotional ranges
Awaken our Divinity, to
Relationship Bliss, so that we can
Trust Life.

Please join us in discovering ways to open your heart to reconnect with yourself and others again. You deserve to feel and know love.

Living Love Fiercely,

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