Private individual sessions

One-on-one Bodywork/Facilitation sessions

All the information you need to heal and move forward in your life is within you. And I’m here to help you discover what that means for you!

Each session is intuitively guided to help direct you in the most beneficial way for you. I use all my listening skills on many levels to help uncover what you and your body are ready to release and shift during each session.

Often you may come in with a very clear sense of what is up for you and other times you may not know at all.  I use inquiry to help direct the session and to access information that may be challenging and difficult for you to see on your own.

The session usually includes some amount of bodywork and may vary each time depending on what you desire and what is decided together during the session.  You and your body are the guide and the deepest source of wisdom in all things.

The incredible bonus in doing sessions this way, is that you will never go back to the exact place you were in after the session.  Because you and your body are leading the sessions toward health and wellbeing for you, the only motion is forward.  Layer by layer you will discover the deep truths about who you are and what you are meant to be doing here.


How it all works

The cells of your body carry and store everything you have ever experienced and felt physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  As you discover and explore the realm of what is “right” with you, it is natural to allow the body to release and let go of whatever  you no longer need.

As you find your uniqueness and are able to let go of your old fears and pain, your body has no more need to carry those memories and thoughts any longer and can easily let them go with some gentle assistance.

Most of the bodywork I use comes from Craniosacral therapy and is very gentle and subtle while being extremely profound and powerful in its effect.

Each session will vary.  Some possible physical sensations include:

  • Pulsing, tingling, warmth, coolness
  • Subtle rhythmic movements
  • A deepening into your body
  • Heightened body awareness
  • Deep relaxation

Your body may continue to integrate the work for up to 72 hours afterward.

During sessions I also offer a variety of tools and ways of seeing life from a bigger place of awareness and perception that you can take home and use every day.  At times I use guided imagery to help uncover hidden pieces of information.  Other times I use questions to look underneath what we think is going on to the deeper aspects and patterns you struggle to find and see on your own.


Sound Healing/Acutonics

I love sound healing and  often use it in my practice as well. I have tuning forks which are tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun and planets and use the them mainly to help open and increase the movement in the energy centers and overall flow in your body.

By increasing fluidity and movement within the cells of your body, I find that it helps in the healing process and encourages more effective and deeper shifts within your body as a whole.

The forks are held at a comfortable distance from your ears allowing the vibration to ripple through the entire body using the auditory senses. This allows your body to absorb and incorporate the vibrations within to help release old energy patterns and to aid in creating new energy flow and patterns within that will help to facilitate your healing.

The forks can also be placed directly on the body on areas corresponding to the chakras, as well on areas of pain or along organ meridian or energy lines of the body. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along energy pathways, affecting human physiology and reaching places not easily accessed by traditional medicine. Applying the forks stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy field to promote healing and inner harmony.

For more information on the tuning forks themselves, visit the Acutonics Website.


After you leave

There is no “normal” after a session.  You are the only one who knows exactly what it is you are healing and the best way to do it.

Sometimes things get worse before they get better, especially at the beginning.  You might not feel good at all for the first day or so, and then it will settle and change.  Sometimes it might only last for an hour or two.

Following a session you may feel super energized or super tired.  You might need to take a nap or be quiet for a while.  I would invite you to schedule a session when you have few things to do afterward to allow yourself the time and space to integrate and process what your body needs.

Remember, your body may continue to integrate the work for up to 72 hours afterward.

Things that will help and facilitate the session are:

  • Trust your body and allow for whatever you are experiencing
  • Increase the amount of water you drink
  • Take an epsom salt or sea salt bath
  • Journal any additional insights or dreams for the next few days or until the next session
  • Avoid or minimize any alcohol for 24 to 48 hours

Please phone or contact me with any concerns or questions following a session at 250-589-4622.


Intake Forms

Here are the intake forms I use during the first visit.  Please feel free to download these and fill them out to bring with you.  You can also come a few minutes early and fill them out before your appointment.  See you soon.

Intake form

Intake form_0001

Intake form_0002

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