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Toxic Thoughts…….possibilities

May the final weeks of 2011 be exactly perfect in every way.

At times your idea of perfect might be different than what you get, which can be really interesting and even challenging.  What if you could drop into trusting that everything really is perfect and that each thing that doesn’t feel that great really is an opportunity to look at it from another place or to do it different somehow?

I know it can feel like a big stretch sometimes, though it can also turn a perceived disaster into mystical magic at times too.

I’ve noticed and experimented some with this over the years……how do I get through the holidays in a state of peaceful calm and joy?  After all, isn’t that what the season is all about?


New Possibilities

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.  You know all the amazing food and drink that seems to show up right now, and only once a year?

The temptations abound everywhere from the eggnog to the chocolates to the smoked applewood cheese and all the scrumptous dips and chips.  Parties, dinners and gatherings of all kinds abound along with all those goodies that often seem to show up for some of us on our hips by morning.

I used to find myself in constant judgment and negativity about all the toxins and bad stuff made with all the sugar, flour and alcohol connected with the season.  Lots of toxic thoughts about the toxic stuff and feeling really gross after certain parties and dinners.

Then I began to realize that maybe my thoughts are actually way more toxic than the food itself……mmmm.  And I began to question myself,  “What if I am grateful for that amazing piece of fudge I long for and eat it with full gratitude and attention as the delicious texture, flavor, aroma and sense of satisfaction my taste buds experience?”

Wow!  What a wonderful experience to simply enjoy the seasonal food and drinks knowing that this is the last time I’ll have it for another year.

My body feels so different when I eat the sugary cookies and candies this way.  In fact, sometimes I only want to eat one of the cookies because when I eat it in gratitude and awareness, that is all I need.  When I forget to do this, I often find myself eating numerous pieces and not feeling satisfied.

I invite you to explore if there is there any particular way you can shift your thinking about what you choose to eat or drink this holiday season?  How would it feel to shift into gratitude and awareness?  What do you think might change inside you?

Is there any other areas during the holidays where you might be able to shift your thinking into a place of gratitude and awareness?

You do have a choice in each and every situation to do it differently.  It can be easy to forget at times and I encourage you to allow yourself some space while you explore the options.

All the information and wisdom you need is within you.  I invite you to trust yourself and to use the challenges as opportunities to have a look and a listen to what other possibilities there might be.


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Filling Up……

My personal favorite places to refill are when I am out in nature.  I was blessed with a wonderful friend who has a truck and drove us to Carmanah in July, which is one of the oldest forests still remaining on the island.  (Traveling there by truck is most desirable as it is many hours on very rough logging roads.)

We spent a night and two days in the ancient forest.  It was truly magical in every way.  The energies, strength and power held and nurtured in the trees and all of the surrounding plants and animals are so rich and powerful in ways that words fall short of being able to totally convey the essence of “ancient”.  It is very special.

I have a very clear memory of sitting by the river and feeling such deep and profound peace, calm and contentment.  I was astounded by the feelings and marveled in them because I could not ever remember feeling this to such a depth in my soul.

The warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze on my skin, the sounds of the river, birds and breakfast being cooked and the crystal clarity that was in and around everything in my sight of vision that morning fills my heart and soul every time I remember this place and moment in time.  My tank was filling up fast and I felt renewed and refreshed in very deep ways.

There are so many things going on all around us these days to overwhelm and to deplete us and throw us off our center. 

Environmental disasters, political issues, family needs and unexpected surprises, job/work stuff, health issues of ourselves as well as those close to us, kids and all their needs as well as our own personal issues.  It can be pretty nonstop for days on end at times.


Self Inquiry

How are you taking care of you? What refills your tank?

Are you making sure that you are refilling yourself on a regular basis before the tank runs dry?  Who is going to meet your needs if you don’t?

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Creating Effortless Flow and Ease

Has anyone noticed an accelerated sense to life these days?

I sure have and am finding a real need and yearning to be quiet and simplify everything as much as possible.  There appears to be a significant amount of energies to process and integrate very quickly and it has the potential to make us feel overwhelmed much faster than in the past.  My understanding is that this will be continuing through until the end of October when another shift will take place.

If you are hoping it will settle down soon, please keep in mind this is an ongoing trend and the best way to work with these shifts are to assist your body and self to be able to integrate the shifts with ease and calm. 

Craniosacral Therapy can be the perfect way to assist you in finding your ideal way to move through all of these shifts very effortlessly.  It is so much easier to intergrate these energies when everything within us is flowing smoothly and in a connected way.

I invite you to give yourself permission for everything in your life to be easy and effortless, filled with peace and calm.  You deserve it!

With much love and light and looking forward to seeing you soon!


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