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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Last year a friend gave me a button that says “Don’t believe everything you think”.  I love this statement in so many ways.

Soon after I had it, I had an opportunity to put the statement into practice.  For years I felt drawn to attend a hot yoga class and yet I could never think of a way to actually make it happen. So I didn’t.

Until last year, after a repeat injury to my knee plus an additional injury to the other ankle.  Out of desperation to heal my body more quickly, I went to hot yoga.  It was hard. Super hard to begin with and I couldn’t do a lot of the poses very well at all, never mind all the sweat and toxins pouring out of my body (as well as everyone else in the class).

After the first few months and some improvements I found myself questioning my commitment to the practice.  Why was I here?  Was it because it seems the cool and sexy thing to do?  Or to prove something to someone?

Upon some reflection, I realized it wasn’t about committing to the practice. It was really about a commitment to myself and my wellbeing.

My thinking was trying to convince me it was about the practice, when the real heart issue for me was, ‘Am I willing to commit to my own healing in a way that would allow me to get stronger as well as to maintain my strength and flexibility?’

Wow!  What a different place to be coming from in my awareness.  Here was a real opportunity for me to make a real commitment to myself in a way I had never been able to do before.

Once I was able to get out of my thinking mind and into my feeling heart to see that it was about and for me and not about the practice, the real opportunity was clear.

I chose to make a real commitment to me and “I feel good……  ”


Self Inquiry

Have you noticed any times when you allow your own thinking to limit what you can do, create or accomplish?

Do you ever use money as an excuse to not do something for yourself that you would really benefit from?

Have you ever noticed any self sabotaging thoughts that keep you trapped, limited or small?

Is there anything that you’ve been wanting do or try that you haven’t done yet?  What is it that keeps you from doing it?


Stepping Forward

Would you be willing to “not believe everything you think” and step into your heart and inner knowing?

How can you step out of your thinking and into your knowingness and intuition TODAY?

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Creating Balance

Many of us struggle with creating and maintaining balance in our lives.  We have so many opportunities to be busy and thinking about everything~from when to be where and how to fit that appointment into the schedule~ to how to manage and track all the paperwork/computer details of the day to day~to how to devote the time and energy into the relationships and activities that nuture and feed us the most~not to mention dealing with the relationships that challenge us the most!

Spending every moment of every day thinking is exhausting and very stressful over time.  Most illnesses today can be directly tracked back and have some kind of relationship to daily and long term stress.  So how do we develop different ways to move through our lives every day?  Where can we place our focus to help make things easier, more fluid and flowing?

One of the most simple and easy ways to begin is to focus on your breathing.  When you notice that situations and events are moving very quickly and you are feeling scattered, grumpy, and exhausted or tired, stop and focus on taking a big deep breath…..then another……and another.…..feel the air moving in and out of your body and allow your breathing to release the fatigue and scattered feelings.

Breathing is often the thing we first forget to do when the stress builds and yet it is the easiest and most simple way to relax.  Taking as few as one to four focused times to breath throughout the day will help substantially to decrease your body’s reaction to stress.  Taking the time to focus once an hour during the day to focus on breathing will help even more.

Another way is to tune into or focus on your heart space Our heart is much more powerful and all knowing than our mind.  We have been taught to be focused in our mind to move through all aspects of life.  This is often done to please others and to be noticed in attempts to feel loved and accepted.

When we live our lives guessing what the other person or people would like the most, we loose touch with who we really are and we often shut down our heart in order to avoid feeling hurt or pain.  We feel lost and are not even sure why.  When we are looking for acceptance from outside ourselves, we can feel like we are never enough for anyone or anything.

When we begin to look within and feel our own heart, to what is our own truth, to who we really are…..to see and recognize that peace comes from inside and only from inside…..we can then begin to discover who we are.  It becomes clearer and easier to recognize how we want to spend our time and energy.  Saying ‘no’ is easy when we know it is our truth. 

The more we can live our lives from our heart, which enables us to discover our authentic self, the easier life becomes and the more peace, love and joy we experience effortlessly.

May we all discover the balance of living life in peace, love and joy from within

February 7, 2010

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