Success Stories

Cindy, I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed! You facilitate a very safe space for me to be willing to be open and vulnerable enough to look at what is hidden deep inside.

Your innate natural talent of being able to focus and follow the string of energy to the root of an unease or pain within the body is truly remarkably amazing. That gift is so valuable as holding that focus is something that is very hard for me to do on my own. Working with you has changed my life! With a hand over my heart...Thank you

Lynn Debienne
Soul Listener/Human Design

I am so grateful for your healing presence in my life this year. I've experienced many breakthroughs and much growth through our time together. You are a powerful medicine woman and I am continually awed by the transformation and healing you help facilitate.

Jaz Snider
Dance/movement facilitator

For everything that Cindy does, it returns to the knowledge of relationship with Divine and healing on the same level. For me, I need to remind myself of this all the time. Her one-on-one sessions and group meditations are powerful.

Kim G
Victoria, BC

I started seeing Cindy at a time in my life when I felt like everything was falling apart from my marriage to my self-esteem. Working with Cindy was a real turning point.

Her intuitiveness in helping me see through the issues that seemed overwhelming enabled me to see them differently. I learned techniques and ways to respond differently in situations that had been challenging me for years.

Now, when I start to feel myself moving back into the old places, I can actually catch myself and say, “It’s okay. I love you. Step into my heart. I will always be here for you.”

I can see more clearly what is mine and what isn’t. I am much more able to be in the present moment, dwelling less and less in the past or worrying about the future. Cindy really helped me develop skills to stand in my own power and to feel optimistic and confident about who I am and what life has to offer me and what I have to offer it.

I thank you Cindy for assisting me in loving and accepting myself just the way I am!

Kristine G.
Victoria, BC

I had no idea what I was in store for at your workshop, having not met you beforehand. Fortunately, your warmth and welcoming studio put me at ease immediately. I have to say I was very happy with the way your workshop helped me develop my understandings of major questions I've been grappling with lately. Even though there were people I didn't know participating with me, your thoughtful facilitation of visualization exercises and gentle probing questions helped each of us take something tangible and valuable away from our meeting. Thank you for helping me tap in to some of my own wisdom by sharing some of yours!

Cody Willett
UVic grad student and rabble-rouser

"Dear Cindy

It's high time I put pen to paper to thank you for all of your help, not only for myself, but also for my daughter Whitney.

As you know, Whitney has had her 4 wisdom teeth extracted and is no longer in pain. You were able to keep her pain down to a manageable level for a couple of months before the surgery. I thank you enormously for that! Whitney wants to see you again soon for some "feel good" Craniosacral.

As for myself....why did I wait to long?! You and I both know the amazing quality and depth of healing I experienced through Craniosacral Therapy. I have previously experienced those deep levels of clarity only through Qigong Meditations and Jin Shin Do acupressure.

Love It, Love It, Love It.

See you again soon.

Bless you and Thank you.

Susan and Whitney

PS: Anything that makes my Susie happy and feel better, makes me happy. Thank you Cindy for your amazing work."

Michael Lines Dr. TCM, MQT
North Saanich, BC

"I am a designer with Fiorenza Classic Flowers in Sidney, BC and have been a client of Cindy Thompson's for a few months now.

I have chronic back problems and with running my own business, a higher stress level, which very often aggavates my back pain. Therefore, I am seeing Cindy to help me alleviate the pain and stress level that I experience every day.

As soon as I enter Cindy's office I feel the calm and serenity come over me. At the start of the treatment she makes sure that I am comfortable by providing me with the necessary pillows so I won't experience any pressure on my back. During treatment I feel like the stress and discomfort flows out of my body, and Cindy with her knowledge, still finds more problematic spots in my body and mind and is able to help me deal with them.

I feel that I not only have found somebody that can help me with my pains and stress but also a really good friend.

I will encourage anyone to see Cindy at her office to have the same positive experience as I have.

Thank you Cindy for helping me heal not only my body but also my mind."

Corona Jaskier
Fiorenza Classic Flowers, Sidney, BC

I’ve had an extraordinary experience during this mode of healing. I was rigid in body and mind from anger, frustration and resentment at my first visit. Cindy helped me access the origins of these emotions. My body pain at the first visit was 8 to 9 out of 10. During this first session, I was amazed to feel parts of me relax, and then to relax more and more. I hadn’t known there were so many degrees of ‘relax’….After 3 visits, my mental health was better than it had been for many months. My lower and upper back were quite improved. My lower back had been very, very bad for a year.
I felt full of hope. Cindy taught me to access old and new emotions like anger and fear and to find how they were connected with particular body pains….
From this learning, Cindy taught me to ‘tap’ and ‘verbalize’ to relieve the pain or anxiety by acknowledging the basic emotional cause. I am able to work on different issues in this manner at home, in the car, in the pool or hot tub. The empowerment I have gained through the sessions with Cindy is incredible. I have learned much about myself thanks to Cindy.

Helen H
Victoria, BC

When I first met Cindy at the Health and Wellness fair, I was looking for someone to continue the work that my naturopath/natural therapist had begun in Australia. Little did I know I was going to find someone who not only continued the work, but on a much larger, more productive and satisfying scale. What I was hoping to achieve from Craniosacral therapy was to ease my chronic back pain that I’d had for over 6 years, to be able to gain better use of my wrist after having surgery several years ago, to ease my digestive difficulties and help me to become more emotionally stable (after suffering from depression in the past) and deal with overcoming some more unpleasant emotional issues of my past.
Not only does Cindy treat me in her center, but she has also given me tools that I can use at home to help myself. I continue to be astonished after every treatment over how I feel and what changes have occurred in my body, mind and spirit. After one year, I feel like I have found a whole new me, one that is happy, stable and content with my life. My back pain has vastly improved, my wrist is much more mobile and is no longer in constant pain. I feel much more comfortable with myself, and I know I’m much more emotionally stable as my husband and I have fewer disagreements, I’m able to cope better with the daily responsibilities of being a mom and working part time from home, I’m not crying near as much as I used to and I don’t take everything personally all the time.
All the ‘extras’ to this treatment that I didn’t expect could probably fill a book, but some of them are: increased energy, find it easier to fall asleep at night, and usually sleep straight through (something I’ve not done since I was a child), less painful monthly periods, less cravings and therefore, I’m finding it easier to lose weight, more confidence and higher self esteem, less migraines, fewer digestive problems, less general ‘aches and pains’, a feeling of peace, feeling like I’m in control of my own life and body for the first time, the list could go on. I now know my weight loss goals are attainable and real, I’m so happy to be off of the “diet yo-yo” and thinking that I need willpower to lose weight, I now know that I can do it by myself gradually and safely after clearing all the negative emotional issues for eating out of my body.
Although I don’t always understand how what Cindy does works, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t care how she does it, as long as I feel so much better, I don’t need to know! I have recommended Cindy to many people, including friends, family, colleagues and at times, complete strangers! I cannot thank her enough for helping me to find the real me, for getting rid of pain I thought would be with me forever and for helping me to be the person I never knew I always wanted to be!
I have also trusted Cindy to treat my toddler and have seen huge differences in how he deals with life, he’s less clingy, more confident and just generally happier than he was after coping with an international move at a young age. He’s back to the secure, playful, cheeky boy that he was before the move. One huge change was that he has always refused to wear hats and always got really upset if we tried to put one on, even crying as a newborn when we tried. It turns out he was actually in pain due to the way his head was squished in the womb and other emotional issues. After one treatment with Cindy, he came home and happily reached for a hat and put it on. He now insists on wearing one whenever we are out and loves to wear them around the house also. I’m so glad that Cindy was able to figure out what the problem was and to help make him to feel better in both this and other issues he was having.

R French
Sidney, BC

Dear Cindy,
Thank you! Your Craniosacral treatment is proving to be one of the most effective forms of healing I have ever tried, and it is more than just a complement to acupuncture and chiropractic care; it is an essential part of the equation.
Before I came to see you I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard you talking about how you move the body by touching certain key points, and how you encourage bones and tissues to move with your touch, and to be honest I was a bit nervous about that aspect of things.
Well, now that I have experienced your amazing technique and gentle touch, I can only say how grateful I am to have found you! My body feels more alive and connected and my whole outlook has shifted. I am more aware of what is happening in my body and marvel at how it all works.
My third visit with you was just a few days after my car accident and I was feeling very scattered and traumatized, and I hadn’t slept very well. Your treatment re-connected my body with my brain and I became more relaxed and have since been able to sleep without any problems.
You have an amazing and beautiful gift and I consider myself truly privileged to share a small part it.
Thank you again and I will continue to rave about your treatment and recommend you to everybody who wants to increase their quality of life.

Clare Martin
Assistant Area Director, BNI Southern Vancouver Island

As a newcomer to the ‘self-help workshop’ scene, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I might get out of this experience, but I’m just starting a new relationship and career, and there’s probably no better time to be more clear about exactly what I want in life before I go about getting it.

With this workshop, Cindy’s deceptively simple visualization techniques and ease of flow in discussion allow for each person to get what they need out of it. The visualizations provided an entertaining way to see myself and the world in a new light, especially once Cindy’s own insights were added to the interpretation. It’s a day well-spent for anyone who recognizes the value of self-reflection in living their own lives, but might still like some help in doing it. Thank you Cindy!

Alix J
Acupuncture Student

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